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Where do I keep DGLD?

09 Sep 2019
  • As with other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, DGLD is held in a digital wallet
  • Today, there is a default lightweight wallet client which you can sign-up for here
  • Support for DGLD in most major wallets is expected to roll out in early 2020
  • We also offer custody for firms who require a regulated firm for custody

DGLD may be one of the first truly independent digital representations of physical, allocated gold held within high-security vaults in Switzerland. But, like other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, you’ll need a digital wallet to hold and transact with the assets you own.

When it is in your wallet your gold (DGLD) is only accessible by you. To ensure this, we leverage a tech stack that writes the DGLD ownership records into the Bitcoin blockchain at recurring intervals. This approach effectively acts as a back-up which is referenced upon any transaction meaning DGLD is secured by the integrity (immutability) of the Bitcoin network - the most powerful compute network in the world. Our default wallet client is built on a fork of the popular Electrum wallet.

To download the wallet follow the steps below:

  1. Visit; follow the link to our GitHub
  2. Once your wallet is set up and opened, please click on ‘Wallet’ in the toolbar
  3. Click ‘Register’ from the drop down menu
  4. Enter the password to your wallet
  5. Click the 'Export' button and save the REGISTRATION.dat file to your home directory
  6. Return to and upload the REGISTRATION.dat file to the form
  7. Once the entire form is entirely completed, click ‘Submit’
  8. Now just wait a few minutes and we will be in touch to confirm your verification and your the whitelisting of your wallet!

Support for DGLD in most major provider wallets is expected to roll out in early 2020. For more information about holding DGLD, please email a DGLD team member at [email protected].

Additionally, as DGLD was designed for both retail and institutional investors, many of whom require a regulated custodian to safeguard their investments, the consortium has partnered with Globacap, the UK regulated capital markets firm to offer digital asset custody. Globacap is the first authorized custodian in Europe to provide digital asset custody for institutions with the same level of rigorous oversight and robust processes expected of a tier 1 global custodian.

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