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Do you offer digital custody for professionals?

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DGLD was designed for both retail and institutional investors, many of whom require a regulated custodian to safeguard their investments. DGLD has partnered with Globacap, the UK regulated capital markets firm to offer digital asset custody. Globacap is the first authorized custodian in Europe to provide digital asset custody for institutions with the same level of rigorous oversight and robust processes expected of a tier 1 global custodian.

About Globacap

Globacap is a regulated capital markets platform leveraging blockchain technology to provide digital security issuance, administration, and institutional asset custody. Globacap's platform makes private investments more cost-efficient and easier to access, enabling successful companies to stay private for longer.

Globacap has successfully executed several world-first debt and equity issuances using blockchain technology. Globacap’s innovative technology creates a digital token that forms the legal security. The token’s in-built processes facilitate further transactions by automatically fulfilling the legal requirements of a transfer of ownership. Such transactions are recorded on the underlying blockchain. This is different to other types of security tokens that merely provide a digital receipt of ownership. For its innovative platform, Globacap was shortlisted on UK’s 2019 most disruptive businesses list, Disruption50.

As an authorised custodian, and with deep capital markets experience and cutting-edge technology expertise, Globacap also provides custody of digital assets to institutions across Europe.

Globacap was founded in 2017, and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).