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About us

Gold Token SA is a hard-asset tokenisation and issuance platform based in Geneva, Switzerland. GTSA was created as a joint venture between Europe's largest crypto-asset manager, Coinshares International Ltd, and MKS PAMP, part of a highly regarded Swiss-domiciled precious metals group. DGLD is a product built by Gold Token SA (GTSA) which represents digital ownership rights over physical gold bullion bars.

Our partners

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Experienced and trusted professionals

Our management team bring a wealth of hands-on experience across the precious metals and digital asset markets.

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James Bennett

Chief Executive Officer

After completing a financial management program at General Electric, Mr. Bennett founded UK-based research and advisory firm Bitassist where he advised companies on the application of blockchain technology across a number of verticals. In 2019, he took over as CEO of The ByteTree Group, where he took the company from an MVP data platform to a revenue producing digital asset group with two core product segments: asset management and a data-assisted research business. During his tenure, he oversaw the creation of ByteTree Asset Management and the launch of the first publicly traded product to combine bitcoin and gold into a single investment product in 2021.
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Daniel Masters


Daniel is the Chairman of CoinShares International Limited, Europe's largest digital asset manager. He holds a Master's degree in Management Science and Operational Research from Imperial College. Daniel has more than 30 years of experience in energy trading. He was, among other things, the Head of Global Energy Trading for Morgan Guaranty Trust Company (MGT), oversaw several of the trading and risk management functions at the Energy Division of Salomon, Inc., was involved in the establishment of the natural gas and electricity markets in the UK, completed some of the first forward contracts for electricity and was one of the first and most active participants in the market for Contracts for Difference in Europe.
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Marwan Shakarchi


CEO of MKS PAMP since 1983 and member of the Executive Management Committee, he has developed the company into a leading integrated precious metals group. Marwan, who graduated from The Wharton School of Economics, University of Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Multinational Enterprises, regularly shares his expertise on the gold and precious metals market as a keynote speaker throughout the industry and in front of leading financial institutions, forums and journalists. He was a primary member of the Task Force Committee to prepare a report on commodities markets for the G20 summit in Paris in 2011. He is also an international consultant to the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

Working with the best

We carefully select our partners to deliver the highest quality, audited and trusted gold token available in the market.

Our values

Our values are a reflection of our commitment to excellence. We strive to be consistent in our actions and policies, and hold ourselves and our employees to the highest standards.

  • Trust & Competence

    We know that trust is the foundation of any successful relationship and operate rigorous internal processes to ensure confidence in our operation. We conduct annual financial and AML audits, as well as technology audits on all major development releases.

  • Excellence in Quality

    Our long-standing history across the precious metals and digital asset markets enable us to deliver the highest quality product to gold investors. We are committed to ensuring our team have the necessary knowledge, skills, and expertise to consistently exceed expectations.

  • Uncompromising Transparency

    We enable our token holders to independently verify their gold holdings at any time and publish all relevant data to the blockchain. We proactively seek out ways to enhance transparency in our processes and products, and offer direct access to our management team upon request.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Based in Switzerland and operating under FINMA, we were the first gold token to be recognised as a digital asset linked to commodities with ownership rights. We closely monitor regulatory developments and seek legal opinions across the major jurisdictions in which we operate.