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1 DGLD = 1 Try Oz
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The simplest way to invest in gold.

Own physical gold digitally, today.

Every DGLD token is 100% backed by physical, allocated gold and stored in insured Swiss vaults.

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DGLD makes trading in precious metals easier than ever. When you buy a gold token, you’re purchasing physical, investment-grade gold. Accessible 24/7 from your DGLD wallet, your gold token is yours to send via the blockchain. And since it's backed by a real gold bar that’s stored in a Swiss vault, it can be redeemed for the physical gold at any time.

Secured on the blockchain, backed by real gold bars

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Fully audited and responsibly sourced

Every gram of gold behind DGLD is sourced through a fully audited supply chain, adhering to the highest standards of corporate and social responsibility.

Experienced and trusted partners

We work with Europe’s largest digital asset manager and a leading precious metals group to bring you the gold standard of digital gold.

Verified by the blockchain

Each gold token comes with a digital gold custody record - an encrypted version of your proof of ownership that’s visible to anyone on the blockchain.

Secured In An Insured Swiss Vault

The gold you buy is legally yours. We arrange for the secure, insured storage of your gold at our group's vaulting facility, MKS PAMP Switzerland - a 60 year old brand trusted by banks and leading financial institutions worldwide.

Start enjoying the benefits of digital gold, straight away

0% custody fees

Store your gold securely with no additional management fees.

1 DGLD = 1 Troy Oz of gold

Buy and sell at wholesale prices (1 DGLD = 1 Troy Oz of gold).

24/7 Availability

Buy, sell and transfer your gold 24/7/365.

Fully redeemable

From LBMA large bars to 1g of fine gold via GOLD AVENUE®

Verify ownership

Verify your ownership

Whenever you purchase gold with DGLD, you can track and verify the physical bar you own with our gold bar mapping tool.

1 Step One
Search for a DGLD wallet address or gold bar ID.

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2 Step Two
View the asset integrity certificate for every bar.

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Verify the producer, custodian and quality of every gold bar through its unique asset integrity certificate.

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Own physical gold, digitally

DGLD combines the security of physical gold with the flexibility to buy, sell and send on demand and with the click of a button. Find out more.

A smarter way to invest in gold

Digital gold tokens offer both the convenience of gold ETFs and the flexibility of digital assets. With DGLD you can enjoy all the benefits of physical gold, without the challenges around safety and security. Plus, it's free.

Physical Gold
Allocated Ownership
Varies by Product
24/7 Verifiable Ownership
Varies by Custodian
Physically Redeemable
Varies by Product
Settlement Time
T+2 -> T+5
Swiss Custody
Varies by Product
Gold Quality
LBMA Good Delivery Gold
Varies by Broker
Varies by Product
Securities regulation

Frequently asked questions

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DGLD is a digital proof of ownership of allocated gold physically held in a Swiss vault, backed by industry-leading partners and secured with the blockchain. With DGLD, individuals and investors have access to the benefits of physical gold ownership, combined with the convenience and flexibility of digital money.

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The physical gold represented by DGLD is held in safe, secure Swiss vaults. DGLD is backed by one of the world’s leading precious metals groups, the MKS PAMP GROUP.

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Stablecoins are crypto tokens usually collateralized by fiat money or exchange-traded commodities – in some way, usually leashed to the financial system. DGLD is not directly linked to any currency, bank (central or not) or other cryptocurrency product. Simply physical gold.

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