Gold Price = $1791.40/oz
1 DGLD = 0.0971297 Troy oz
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Where is the gold stored?

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  • The physical gold represented by DGLD is held in safe, secure Swiss vaults
  • DGLD is backed by one of the world’s leading precious metals groups, the MKS PAMP GROUP

For any gold investor, one of the most pressing concerns is the security of their physical investment. With DGLD, you not only have the digital gold in your wallet, protected by the power of the Bitcoin blockchain; but the physical gold is also safely stored in highly-reputable Swiss vaults that are maintained by one of the leading and most trusted industry groups, the MKS PAMP GROUP.

MKS PAMP comprises 700 employees and 15 offices, spanning several continents. The group is a renowned leader in the precious metals industry, providing financial trading services in all major bullion markets. Today, PAMP is one of the world’s leading bullion brands.

In everything they do, PAMP has established a reputation for bringing best-in-class quality and service to their range of precious metal products and gold trading services.

DGLD represents a specific amount of the allocated gold sitting in PAMP’s Swiss vault. So the gold exists and is stored inside a physical vault, while being usable at your fingertips/the click of a button.

The flexibility of owning both physical and digital versions of your gold is further enhanced by top-level security for both. Reliable partners like MKS PAMP, combined with the digital security of Bitcoin's blockchain technology - mean you can rest comfortably knowing that your gold investment is safe and secure. The full list of allocated bars backing DGLD is digitally signed by the vault operators, and can be directly and independently cross-referenced with DGLD token mapping.

For the avoidance of doubt, your gold is stored in the GTSA vaults at the PAMP vaulting facility at the following address:


Via Alle Zocche 1

6874 Castel S. Pietro


NOTE: This is a professional industrial facility that is NOT accessible to the public.