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Swiss Physical Gold Token (DGLD) Now Available on Bitstamp

DGLD Bitstamp exchange listing

GTSA is thrilled to announce the listing of its gold-backed token, DGLD, on Bitstamp, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, renowned for its strong regulatory and compliance framework. The platform's commitment to transparency and security provides an optimal trading platform for both individual and institutional investors. DGLD will be available for purchase with USD and EUR. The token will be supported by CoinShares Capital Markets and Keyrock.

How DGLD Works

DGLD is tokenised gold that provides digital proof of ownership of gold bullion bars, from as little as 1g, with 0% custody and transfer fees. All of the gold is held physically in a vault in Switzerland, off balance-sheet and fully insured. GTSA subsidises the cost of custody and insurance for investors.

DGLD is secured on the Ethereum Blockchain and each token gives the holder a legal claim to 1 Troy Oz of an allocated LBMA gold bar, securely stored in insured Swiss vaults. Since all the underlying gold is allocated, investors can identify precisely which bar they own at all times, via DGLD’s bar mapping application:https://explorer.dgld.ch/. DGLD is fully audited and every gold bar tokenised is issued with a gold bar integrity certificate, recording key information unique to that bar on the blockchain.

James Bennett, chief executive of DGLD:

“DGLD extends the convenience of digital banking to physical gold, modernising gold investing for investors of all sizes. Unlike ETFs, wealth managers can access physical gold in a transparent, liquid, low-cost way and for smaller investment allocations.”

As a Swiss regulated virtual asset service provider (VASP), GTSA has built DGLD with regulatory compliance at its core. DGLD is recognised by FINMA as a ‘payment token’, a bearer asset which can be used for both investments and making payments. Holders of DGLD tokens benefit from physical gold ownership but without the drawbacks associated with physical gold, including storage costs and limited accessibility. This makes DGLD a secure, portable and convenient way to own, buy, sell, lend and send gold with a few clicks of a button.

Daniel Masters, Chairman of Coinshares International adds:

As part of our commitment to push the boundaries of digital assets, we are pleased to announce the relaunch of DGLD and its listing on Bitstamp. By combining the stability of gold with the versatility of digital assets in a fully compliant manner, DGLD offers a unique opportunity for investors. Our partnership with Bitstamp, a proven association, signifies a major milestone for GTSA. We anticipate a prosperous journey ahead, leveraging the synergies of this alliance to enhance financial accessibility and freedom.

About GTSA

DGLD is built by Gold Token SA (GTSA) as a joint venture between global leaders MKS PAMP SA, one of the world’s most established and trusted gold groups with 900 employees across 16 countries, and Coinshares International Ltd, Europe’s largest Digital Asset Manager with the world’s longest track record of regulated investment management in digital assets and approximately $3 billion in AUM.

The company’s mission is for DGLD to be synonymous with gold, while building on-chain products that offer greater settlement efficiency, transparency, accessibility and utility to gold as an asset.