Gold Price = $1712.31/oz
1 DGLD = 0.0969747 Troy oz
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How do investors use DGLD?

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    • Both individuals and professional investors can benefit from holding DGLD
    • Protected by blockchain technology, DGLD is a professional grade gold tool

DGLD is professional-grade gold with unmatched flexibility and security; ideal for anyone with an interest in gold exposure. It doesn't matter if you are an individual or professional who trades gold on a regular basis.

For some time now, purchasing gold for investment purposes has been regarded as one of the safest ways to diversify risk and insulate wealth from the potential of a financial crisis. Despite this, owning gold has become a complicated proposition, with its value often tangled up in exchange-traded funds and locked behind layers of middlemen. For individuals and investors, there are often several hoops to jump through before they can gain access to their gold.

That’s why we believe everyone could benefit from DGLD - a revolutionary method of gold ownership that offers investors the convenience and control they crave, without the headaches typically associated with physical gold ownership.

Holding DGLD is ideal for anyone - individuals and professionals - who has an interest in gold exposure. Protected by the power of the Bitcoin blockchain and vaulted in Switzerland, this is a professional-grade investment tool that provides unmatched flexibility: The value of your gold can be accessed from your digital wallet at any time. If you decide to increase or sell your investment, you can conveniently do so with DGLD, and the value of your gold is not tied to a central bank or fiat currency.

DGLD is for you if you want the chance to own gold on your terms - with convenience, efficiency and security for the ultimate peace of mind.