Gold Price = $1815.78/oz

1 DGLD = 0.09735372 Troy oz = $176.77 USD

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Wallet ID

Setting up your wallet is a 3 step process that takes about 10 minutes to complete.

To begin, please follow these steps in order:

  1. Download your own DGLD wallet through our GitHub account
  2. Export the REGISTRATION.dat file from your wallet and upload it to the form ('Wallet' / 'Register' / 'Export')
    1. Once your wallet is set up and opened, click on ‘Wallet’ in the toolbar
    2. Click ‘Register’ from the drop down menu
    3. Enter the password of your wallet
    4. Click the 'Export' button and save your REGISTRATION.dat file to your computer
    5. Return to this page and upload the REGISTRATION.dat file
  3. Complete the rest of the form with the required information

Please note that all fields are required.

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